Declaw Surgery - Laser

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Laser Declaw Surger       


What, exactly, is a declaw surgery?

  1.  I have heard that the procedure is horribly painful and inhumane!
  2. Can I have 1 cat that is declawed in a household with cats that are not declawed?
  3.  Can an older cat be declawed?
  4. How does it change their behavior?
  5. What is the difference between an laser declaw vs a “traditional” declaw
  6. Can the surgery be performed at the same time as a neuter/spay?
  7. Can I have a 4 paws declawed?
  8. My cat had a “botched” declaw at another veterinary hospital, can you help?


If you are considering having your cat declawed, yet are concerned with some of the questions listed above, please call us for a surgical consult!

(201) 943-8100


Declawing is as commonly misunderstood and often highly vilified surgical procedure.  The reality is that the success or failure of a declaw surgery is highly dependent on 3 things:

  1. The experience of the surgeon
  2. The surgical technique used 
  3. The type of pain management used both prior and post surgery

Based on a 100%[1] success rate over the last 10 years, we feel confident in stating that all declaws should be done only via laser surgery.  Our protocol results in a complete absence of behavioral changes as reported by the many, many clients that have had the surgery performed here at Cats Exclusive. We have also been highly successful in helping cats that have had side effects from declaws performed at other hospitals. Call us to schedule surgical consult.

To obtain more information on the benefits of laser surgery, please click here.

[1] Based on client evaluation as reported on recheck exams